Excessive Sweating

This site is produced by the doctors from FirstChoiceBeacon and has all the information you need to understand and treat problematic excessive sweating; scientifically known as hyperhidrosis.

excessive sweating

Sweating is a part of everyday life. Its main function is to control body temperature. When we sweat we excrete water – which also contains some salts – from our sweat glands. As the water in sweat evaporates the skin begins to cool.

Sweating is a completely normal part of bodily function, however, it becomes a problem if it excessive and interferes with your day-to-day life.

If you are experiencing this problematic condition then you may have asked yourself some of the following questions:

Although hyperhidrosis can occur anywhere on the body, there are particular areas – as they have a larger number of sweat glands – that it is a more common occurrence including;

  • The armpits
  • The hands
  • The feet
  • The face

Treatment options vary depending on where the problem is occurring. For example, botox is an extremely effective treatment option for underarm sweating but is a less viable option for say hand sweating due to sensitivity in the hands and the fact that the muscles in the hand are very close to the skin.

The good news is that this is a very common condition which can be easily treated. Suitable treatment options are defined in our ‘Which Treatment’ section.